R E Repair  &  Remodel LLC


R E Repair & Remodel LLC is an Indiana based company focused on the repair or rebuilding of customer and investor owned homes. We can do it all, from a simple toilet replacement or gutter issue to a full house tear-out and rehab.

Old Houses, New Houses, Light Commercial

If you can dream it, we can rebuild it. We work with a diverse crew of imaginative, experienced tradesmen who have specialties ranging from concrete, framing, drywall, painting and roofing to plumbing, electrical, HVAC and even basic landscaping. We can also install cabinets and counters. We have experience with laying flooring, and can do everything from carpet, tile and vinyl to laminates and hardwoods.

We can help you design or redesign your project, and we are flexible enough to handle the interesting curves that old buildings often have hidden within them. We have experience with older homes, commercial retail spaces, newer homes, shacks and mansions.

With landscaping, we can install mulch and clean out existing beds, trim back overgrown shrubbery to create a better curb appeal for your property, and plant flowers and shrubs. We also install fences.
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